Sunday, November 3, 2013

Browns Fan

I am a big Cleveland Browns Fan. Why? I guess for that sense of "Hope" I am a sucker for.

My Brother-in-law Bobby got tickets and invited me to the game Sunday Vs. the Old Browns, ie. the Baltimore Ravens.

The last Browns game I went to was like 3 years ago, Monday night game. Cold, Cold November Game. We left in the third quarter we were being beat so bad.....

This time was different. This season is different.

Something you can't really get from watching Football on television is the sense of energy in the stadium. There was a play early on, and Brandon Weeden had to go in as quarterback. You could literally feel the energy being sucked out of the place. He is so bad ( not attacking him, just his play, which is very bad ), that the collective HOPE was vanishing before our eyes.

Luckily Jason Campbell came back in and did some good things. I could go on and rant about the ups and downs of the game ( GREG LITTLE- QUIT BEING STUPID, BUT ALSO KUDOS, YOU WERE BALLIN! ). When Campbell came back in, the energy flowed and the stadium filled with positive energy.

Our defense played really well. Ray Rice was irrelevant. Flacco made a few plays, but not enough.

We Won. I was there, and it was fucking awesome.

I can't hardly talk from yelling in the chilly air, but it's 1am so that really isn't an issue.

Goodnight and thank you Cleveland Browns!

I saw a mirror so had to take a photo in said mirror
Me, Bobby, June, and Bennie

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